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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What kind of articles are we looking for? 


A: Articles can either be academic articles or opinion pieces/commentaries. Existing work that students have written for a university course may be submitted as well.


Academic articles/essays require a word count between 800 and 2000 words. Commentary pieces reflect the opinion of the author and meet a standard journalistic style. A 400-800 word limit is preferred.


Our articles fall under 4 categories: Local (municipal politics, governance, grassroots); Domestic (real or proposed systems of governance in the Canadian context); Global (topics with an international scope/global governance, comp. politics or IR); Theory (social and ideological underpinnings of governance, global or domestic). Consult with the terms and conditions before submitting. 

Q: Who can submit articles to yPolitika? 


A: All undergraduate students in any program/faculty at the University of Ottawa.


Q: Who decides what articles are accepted? 


A: yPolitika's editorial team includes the director, editors, and production manager. They accept student submissions, edit submissions, and guide students in developing their work. 


Q: How can publishing in yPolitika further my research at a professional level? 


A: yPolitika is a less intimidating publishing platform that helps students practice meeting the formatting, research, and argumentative standards of professional academic journals. Throughout the editing process, editors provide valuable feedback that can be used to improve the quality of your work.


Furthermore, published articles can reach other University of Ottawa students and professors with similar interests. You can also add your published articles to your LinkedIn and CV. This will help broaden your academic network going forward.

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