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What is yPolitika?

yPolitika is an independent, student-led, community-driven, bilingual publication at the University of Ottawa. We are a subsidiary of the International, Political and Policy Studies Student Association. 

We publish academic essays, articles, and commentary written by undergraduate students on current politics, public policy, and political theory.  


Our goal is to provide a supportive online platform for the student community to participate in larger public discourse around policy and politics on a domestic and international scale.

Here, there are no paywalls, no character limits,  and no grades or red ink. Instead, yPolitika offers students flexibility, access, and support in their professional development. 

yPolitika logo, a pen and paper circled by a wreath of olive branches

What We Publish

yPolitika publishes both academic work and opinions/commentary from students on a range of political topics. Our subject matter is divided into four sections: local, domestic, global, and theory. 


Local: Articles relating to municipal politics, governance, and grassroots movements. 


Domestic: Articles concerning real or proposed systems of governance in the Canadian context. Includes any political or policy topics within Canada. 


Global: Articles discussing topics that are international in scope or that relate to systems of world governance. Includes comparative politics and international relations. 


Theory: Articles discussing the social and ideological underpinnings of governance, including their impacts on real-life events. 


*Commentary/Opinion: Articles on a topic within any of the four sections above written in a journalistic style that express the opinion or analysis of the author (400-800 words). 

Our content is a healthy mixture of informative profiles, evidence-based reasoning, and opinion. We strive for a wide range of views and styles. Read more on our publishing standards.

Our Values


Offering easy,
free access to content on a variety of relevant topics.


Encouraging those from all backgrounds and levels of experience to voice their opinions


Committing to reflect the bilingual and multicultural characters of our readers and authors.


Working closely with contributors
to improve communication, critical thinking, and academic writing skills.

Our partners

yPolitika is a subsidiary of the International, Political and Policy Studies Student Association (IPPSSA), which represents undergraduate students in political science, public administration, international studies and modern languages, and general social sciences at the University of Ottawa. As such, we work in proximity with, but independently of, the University administration.

Our operations are managed by IPPSSA and the publication is chaired by IPPSSA's appointed Director of Special Portfolio: yPolitika. The committee consists of students with diverse academic and professional experiences who volunteer their time to manage the publication. 

Most importantly, we depend on and are grateful to student contributors who make yPolitika what it is.

The logo of IPPSSA, the University of Ottawa's International, Political, and Policy Studies Student Association

You can visit IPPSSA's website here.

Follow IPPSSA on social media to keep up-to-date with the Executive, office hours, upcoming events from the rest of the student association, and more.

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