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yPolitika Editing Standards

When submitting articles to yPolitika or simply writing at the university-level, it is important to always cite correctly. We accept all citation styles that the University of Ottawa accepts:  


  • MLA Format

  • APA Format

  • Chicago Format

  • Canadian Stylebook


We abide by the guidebook provided by the University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Social Sciences found here. 


You can find resources that outline the rules for each style guide listed above here.


You can also use Zotero, a citation machine often used for Academic literature. The University of Ottawa provides helpful tutorials on this platform here.


If sources are used in opinions/commentary pieces, they would be hyperlinked in your article rather than formally cited. 


Writing Resources


To download Microsoft 365 for free, log in to with your uoAccess credentials (your username followed by @uOttawa and the associated password). 


At the University of Ottawa, there exist several services that provide extra writing help and academic support to students. The Academic Writing Help Centre can help with writing concerns of any kind. 


Terminus is a valuable linguistic bank resource for writing in both French and English to find correct terminology, abbreviations, and more in specific fields.

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